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Tuesday, March 10, 2015


On February 28, 2015 my husband and I went out for lunch and were contemplating visiting the local shelter where we adopted Daisy & Oliver. I wanted to see how I'd feel around dogs. We had NO intention of adopting another dog. AT the last minute we decided to stop at the shelter. We said hello to all the dogs. I wasn't as upset as I thought I'd be. The we saw the puppies. Brother and sister from Mexico. Part wire hair terrier and possibly lab. Cute as heck. They asked us if we wanted to spend time with them in the play room, clear manipulation, LOL

So we spent time with time and watched them play and pee on the floor. They were so cute. Then since we had adopted from them before they were offering up both to us! We just sat there not sure what we wanted to do but my husband said they couldn't be separated, and there had been a potential adoption for the male. We knew that when the time came, we'd adopt 2 dogs, not one.

After talking about it we decided we would adopt them! Crazy indeed as we were still crying over Daisy & Ollie. We didn't know if this was the right thing to do, but the way it all worked out, it just seemed meant to be. Their names at the shelter were Boston & Vicki but we changed them to Chase & Ellie. They are about 3 or 4 mos old.

Ellie and me Mar 7 2015

Andrew & Joe with the puppies

Bobby and dogs sleeping mar 7 2015

This is bittersweet because even just yesterday we cried over Ollie, holding the puppies is sometimes hard for me because the memories of Ollie are so fresh. I do like these puppies. They are full of energy and do funny things. I know I'll love them soon enough, it's just strange feeling sad and happy at the same time.

They are learning fast in the short time we've had them, potty training is going fairly well, they know their names, know the sit command, what a cookie is and what 'it's time to eat' means. I have to admit it's a lot of work watching two puppies to make sure they stay out of the plants, not chew wires or the furniture but they are doing well with behavior, consistency and routine is key.

I hope in time the pain will subside of losing Daisy & Oliver. I've personally learned a lot about dogs, myself and it has made me a better person. I have regrets from the times I didn't spend, or when I was cranky with Daisy & Oliver, or getting angry for simply not understanding what was going on at times. Of course I also gave Daisy & Ollie a lot of love and care, and they will remain in my heart forever.

A dog loves you no matter what, they don't judge, and are always there for you. A dog truly is a person's best friend

In memory of Daisy & Oliver

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