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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Missing my Daisy

My sweet Daisy died Sept 27, 2014, quite unexpectedly. She died of congestive heart failure. Five weeks prior to her dying we took her to the vet because something was wrong. Of course we didn't know she had congestive heart failure. There is so much guilt from not knowing, but we did what we thought we were suppose to do at the time. We trusted the vet. There is anger, and tears. I just can't believe Daisy is gone. Daisy suffered at the end. It wasn't fair at all. When she collapsed Sept 26th we took her to the vet again and we were told she was dying. We wanted the family to have a chance to say goodbye first. Everyone had the opportunity to say goodbye, and we took some pictures. We had planned on bringing her back to the vet the next morning so we could put her down, but she died in my husbands arms the next morning just as we were about to put her into the car for that final trip to the vet. it was horrible. Our other dog Oliver, is not the same.

Daisy & I, our last evening together Sept 26, 2014

Daisy's last night in her bed 9/26/14

Daisy, Oliver and my husband Bobby- letting Daisy feel the sunshine one last time

Daisy & Oliver in happier times, 2006

Oliver & Daisy

Daisy, me & Oliver

Daisy under the coffee table looking at me

Andrew & Daisy back in 2006 when we first adopted her.

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