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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Singer 348 Style Mate Sewing Machine

Yesterday my husband brought home this pretty blue Singer 348 Style Mate Sewing Machine. This model was made in the 1967.

It was quite clear at first sight that this machine had not been touched in decades. After I removed the layers of dust, lint and grime, a beauty emerged. The presser foot lever and zig zag function were frozen, but after I performed a thorough servicing, this machine now purrs.

The best thing about this machine? It's blue, my favorite color. Okay, it's more like turquoise, but it's still nice.

The carry case is in rough condition, it's discolored, the handle is broken, and it's likely I won't be able to salvage it. This machine will be in my personal collection, which now makes 11 machines.

It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside when I revive an old sewing machine, it's been rescued from the trash heap and given a second chance. These beautiful pieces of history do not belong in the garbage.

I was lucky to find the cams, accessories AND a manual for a great price on eBay! Talk about a lucky find all in one!

Here she is in her new table, a perfect fit and she's running beautifully.

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Jules said...

Nice, I'm about to inherit my mom's old machine that is exactly like this. It has always pulled to one direction and I'm hoping my talented friend will be able to service it for me.