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Saturday, September 6, 2014

My Sewing Machine Collection

Updated Sept 6, 2014

For the past 5 years I've been collecting vintage sewing machines. My husband works at a recycling ctr/landfill and many people bring their vintage sewing machines to throw away. I do all the work on them, and they all sew perfectly. I keep certain ones for myself, sell the others or part them out. Parts For Sale

1957 Singer 201-2 My husband brought this home..I didn't do much work on this, I just bought a new power cord. The cream of the crop for an electric machine. This sews beautifully! This model is one fast powerful machine! The most expensive machine Singer ever made at the time.

1889 Singer Treadle Sewing Machine, Model 27-2 This has a 'fiddlebase' shape. I purchased this pretty machine on Ebay. I bought the base separately. My husband made a simple table top for it. I have since found a Singer zig zag attachment made especially for this model. I love things from the 19th century. This sews beautifully.

1964 Singer Featherweight 221. I bought on Ebay. Sews beautifully.

1940 Singer Featherweight 221-bought from a friend for $40! It's in real nice condition. Sews beautifully.

1917 Singer 66 Red Eye Treadle. I bought this on craigslist. It's not perfect but it sews beautifully. The class 66 machines are my favorite for their ease of use.

1949 Singer 15-91 Given to me by my mother in law- it was her moms machine. I did all the work on it to restore it, and it now sews beautifully!

1960's Singer 237 Fashion Mate Zig zag, nice all metal gear machine. My husband brought this home. Sews beautifully.

Kenmore 1350 My husband brought this home. Nice machine, part metal and plastic, with a free arm and 10 stitch function. Sews beautifully.

Willcox and Gibbs 1894 Sews excellent! I put a motor on it. I bought this machine on Ebay.

1912 Singer 28-2, hand crank model Sews great but in rough cosmetic shape. My husband brought this home.

I must say, after having experienced using the newer plastic sewing machines and the older vintage metal models, I certainly prefer the heavy metal ones. The plastic machines are lighter which is certainly great, but the parts break easier. I doubt you'd ever find a plastic sewing machine being used 100+ years later. Besides, the older sewing machines are SO easy to work on. There are also many resources for buying parts for the vintage machines as well...especially for the Singer brand. What a wonderful piece of history to pass onto a grand daughter.

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