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Monday, January 14, 2013

White 77MG Review

Having had the opportunity to service several White’s Sewing machines, there are several differences between a White’s & a Singer Sewing Machine worth pointing out.

The White 77MG is a domestic heavy duty sewer. The casting is magnesium. It can embroider and accepts attachments- but only those made for a White's as the feet are a different design altogether:
First off, the one major issue I had with any White’s machine that has ever crossed my work bench is threading it. All is simple until you get to the tension assembly. The design is very different from any Singer I’ve worked on. I find it to be complicated, and unless you can find a very good illustration of the threading process, you will no doubt become frustrated in trying to figure it out.

Here’s a view of the thread tension assembly:

The Foot pedal is also an awkward design. I personally prefer a flat foot controller.

The Motor is a friction motor, this means that there is no belt or gears. There is simply a rubber part (motor pulley) protruding from the motor that sits against the handwheel, hence 'friction'. But if the rubber part (motor pulley)wears, the contact may not be perfect. This would affect the motor running too fast or too slow. You also have to make sure that the motor is properly adjusted & tightened on the machine to ensure a good fit with the (motor pulley) against the handwheel.

Other than those issues that I have, the White 77MG is a unique looking machine that sews great. The finish is a green crinkle, and is quite nice.

Parts will be harder to find, and are NOT as easily availble as the Singer parts. Most times parts are pulled from other White's machines, and it's a hit or miss in finding them. The parts can even be costly. Ebay is a good source in finding parts for White's Machines.

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