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Monday, January 14, 2013

Sterno Stove

I recently bought a great item for my kitchen, it's a Sterno Stove! Now that my husband bought a fireplace insert I can no longer cook in the fireplace- which is what I did when we lost power during a storm.

You CANNOT use a propane stove in the house!! You will kill yourself!

This sterno stove is a great little alternative to heating meals when the lights go out. I HIGHLY recommend that everyone gets one! They use the sterno cooking fuel cans. Each can burns a couple of hours, so I recommend getting a least a dozen to have on hand...just in case. The can of fuel sits nicely inside the stove.

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This little stove comes to you folded, but when assembled (very easy), it is sturdy enough to hold a decent sized pot. I bought 2 of these stoves....one for cooking, the other for coffee. I just bought my son one of these to get him started, for emergencies.

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