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Monday, January 14, 2013

Singer 223 Fashion Mate Review

The Singer 223 Fashion Mate is a Japanese made, heavy duty machine.

Some of the info:

• Zig Zag stitch with reverse feed

• Blind stitch setting

• Adjustable stitch width

• Low shank, screw on feet

• Motor uses a belt

• Uses standard, home sewing machine needles 15x1

• Feed dogs drop for darning & free-motion work

• Numbered tension dial

This machine is a great running machine. It’s capable of doing heavy duty work, and has a zig zag stitch. It was made in 1966. It’s also quite heavy!

I personally do not care for the location of the bobbin case which is awkward to remove & replace. (I prefer the drop in bobbin assembly as with the Singer 66.) Other than that I have no complaints with this machine.

Parts are readily available as for most Singer’s. If you want a heavy duty sewer with zig zag stitching, this machine is a good choice.

1 comment:

Simona Hernandez said...

Love this machine...feel it will go on forever.