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Monday, July 30, 2012

Japanese HA-1 Class 15 Review

Murrays De Luxe Precision 60 Review

AKA Japanese HA-1 Class 15 "clone” of the Singer 15. The 15 class Japanese machines usually come with a 1.0 amp motor, where the Singers were equipped with a 0.6 or 0.7 amp motor. Because they are clones of the Singer model 15, most, but not all of the Singer 15 parts fit these machines as well.

Records are not readily available for dating these machines, as they are for Singer's. They use your basic low shank presser feet & class 15 bobbins. Of course it’s not an exact copy of the Singer 15. The hook is similar to the earlier Singer 15 class machines: 15-80, 15-86, 15-87, but it’s not the same as the 15-88, 15-89, 15-90 or 15-91. Some have a knee bar attached to foot pedal as an alternative to using a foot controller to operate the machine.

The needle is threaded left to right. On the later model 15’s, the needle is threaded right to left. These machines have a side loading, class 15 bobbin and an oscillating hook.

Specifications for this machine:

• Straight stitch with Reverse

• Some have knee bar attached to foot pedal

• Uses Low shank feet & Attachments

• Class 15 bobbin, side loading, oscillating hook

• Cast iron head weighing about 30 to 35 pounds

• All metal innards- no plastic parts

• Belt Driven with external motor

• Adjustable presser foot pressure

• Feed dogs drop

• Uses standard home sewing machine needles, HA-1, 15x1, 130/705H

Bottom line:

The motor on this machine runs fast and strong! I like the knee bar for operating the machine, this would be attached to the sewing table. Comes in a variety of colors and names. Built well. Parts are easy to find. Easy to thread and operate. Highly recommended.

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