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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Goings-on in the Garden

Everyday I check on my plants to see how much they grew from the day before. It's so exciting to see the potatoes plants come up! The strawberries are coming in, the chamomile ready for harvest. The lemon balm and mints are big too! They will be harvested for tea next.

The tomato plants are slowly stretching upwards. The walking onions are forming bulbets. Some flowers are blooming, while others are budded out, getting ready for their glorious bloom. The roses are blooming too! The garlic plants are big too.

Beautiful Peony getting ready to bloom!

We've been picking the asparagus as well, it's so good!! The carrots are growing nicely, some varieties will be ready soon. I'm like a little kid in a candy store when I'm in my gardens, it makes me so happy.

Snapdragons..love them!

I do so much propagating and seed starting, that I literally have a mini nursery here. About 2 weeks ago I was standing in my front yard, pondering what to do with an existing garden bed. It needed more plants. So I walked into my backyard, and into my 'nursery' and selected 4 one gallon pots of perennials to add to the front garden. Plants for free, because I take cuttings of existing plants, and start seed (which is so inexpensive), and I am provided with an abundance of plants! It's great! I hardly bought any plants from the local greenhouses this year because I already have so many.


Candy C. said...

You are your own nursery! :)
Will you be selling plants at a Farmer's Market this year?

Connie said...

i hadnt planned on it, but I do sell plants on my other website: http://www.prairiefarmherbs.com/