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Monday, May 7, 2012

Garden Time!

May is my favorite month. The weather is getting milder, the trees are full, the plants are actively growing, and the garden prepared. I am so excited to be out in the garden. I'm like a little girl in a candy store. I get so excited to be outside, inspecting my plants, checking on their progress, smelling the fragrant plants.

The weather the last two days has been beautiful! The garlic is growing nice, the yukon gold potatoes have been planted. The Maple trees are dropping their seed pods. Another strawberry variety has been added to the garden. I planted a couple of tomato plants...though I have more to go. I'm just testing the temps for the next few days.

Lettuce is growing, along with spinach & arugula. I also planted the leek seedlings this morning. I imagined how delicious these leeks will be in a potato leek soup..yum. I grow most of my vegetables myself by seed. I do it every year. I am also a big seed saver.

I'll probably wait until the weekend to plant the eggplant, pepper and bean plants.
We are suppose to get rain for the next couple of days, and my plants are small yet.


Candy C. said...

Your garden is looking really great already!! :)

Connie said...

thanks, and eveyrthing is not even in there yet