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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Is it Spring?

Wow, it's beautiful out this morning. Sunny, breezy and BRISK! It's currently 44 degreees. When I got up at 4:30 am it was about 38 degrees. It feels like the end of Fall, instead of being Spring. Just weeks ago it was so warm out.

I brought in a few select plants last night because we had a freeze alert. I have a mini 'greenhouse' that is unheated. All of my vegetable and herb plants are in it. The temp inside of it this morning before the sun came up as 40 degrees. Still those tomato plants hung on!

Of course I was worried about the tomato plants because they cannot tolerate cold temps. It's not my first year doing it this way and it's always worked. I don't think they will need a hardening off phase, since they are already acclimated to lower temps for the past month.

The next step is to add black plastic to the garden beds. You can't put the tomato plants into the ground yet! The soil is too cold and will surely kill a tomato plant in minutes. The soil needs to be warmed up. The same goes for peppers and other heat loving plants.

Any tender houseplants you may have had outside need careful attention too. They too can't take cold temps.

Before you know it I'll be outdoors, digging in my garden and harvesting dinner..how great is that?

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Candy C. said...

It is fun to harvest dinner from your own back yard!! :)