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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Backyard Farmgirl

Well, I've been giving it some thought. I don't own a farm or a big chunk of land, but you wouldnt know it by how I live.

We currently rent, and have a nice sized yard. A portion of that goes to vegetable gardens and another larger portion to flower gardening. You see I have a 'sickness'...I just can't stop growing things from seed, taking cuttings of everything in sight, and growing beautiful flowers.

I think we should all 'grow our own'. Is there really a need to buy produce when we are perfectly capable of growing it ourself? I think it's silly to buy it. Don't get me wrong, and still buy produce to an extent - because I am limited to what I can do on rented land. Boy do I have dreams though....

Some day, when we buy our farmhouse with a lot of land and a tractor- I have plans, big plans. We will have chickens, and grow whatever we can to be self sufficent. In doing this the plan is to lower our food bill and eat healthier, safer food. I find it very satisfying doing things the old fashioned way.

I just long for a quieter, simpler life. How wonderful it i to go in your backyard and pick dinner! Grilled chicken over a delicious salad made up of various produce from the garden is a beautiful thing!

I have my dream gardens in my mind. It includes a root cellar, greenhouse, cold frames, garden shed, maybe a horse too. How wonderful it would be to ride a beautiful horse across open land- what an exhilarating joy that must be!

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Candy C. said...

Nice post! Looking forward to seeing your backyard farm in full production this year! :)