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Friday, February 24, 2012

The Prepper Spirit

Well, with the hurricane last year that left us without power here on Long Island for 4 days, well it got me to thinking about being prepared.

I just placed my first order with Honeyville Grain. I bought a few food staples in bulk. My husband of course laughs because he thinks I'm preparing for doomsday. It's not about that. I look at it this way, who wants to run to the stores last minute, dealing with crowds when you know a major storm is imminent? NOT me. There's nothing more annoying than standing in a crowded grocery store on long lines.

When we lost power for 4 days I managed just fine. The farmgirl spirit in me cooked in the fireplace and heated buckets of water in the sun for bathing. I enjoyed it. I must of been a pioneer woman in my past life. The family even spent quality time together playing games at the kitchen table by candlelight. It was nice.

I look at it this way...I'm buying some food items in bulk for a couple of reasons. To save on costs and to be prepared in case another storm comes...and I'm sure it will. I even bought a solar water bag and privacy shelter to be used outside for showers the next time we lose power. That just came the other day. My boys laugh at me....but I don't mind, someday they'll get it.

I've been watching 'Doomsday Preppers'. Some people go to extremes, but think about it for a minute. WHAT IF a disaster like what happened in New Orleans or Japan happened to YOU? I don't see anything wrong with being prepared. When we lost the power for 4 days last October so many people complained about the power company taking so long to get the power back on, it annoyed me. Have people forgotten HOW to take care of themselves? We had SO much damage from the storm. Trees were down everywhere, power lines down everywhere. There was NO WAY the power company was getting it all done overnight. Even in the news, the power company was getting slammed by 'taking so long' to get the power on. I suppose in this era people are used to being catered to, dependent on so many things- like spoiled brats. I say, learn to cook over a fire, adapt and make do with what you have. There's NO reason not to.

If some terrible natural disaster were to happen or the economy collapses, we are going to be in trouble. People will do most anything when they are in a desperate situation. I say it's a very good idea to be prepared. Live wisely, learn some self sufficiency skills and learn to rely more on yourself because the only one who is going to think about YOUR needs in a disaster is YOU, not anyone else.

Next week I'm going to be placing an order from Mary Jane's Farm. Mary Jane has some bulk food. I'm looking forward to trying it...it all looks great.

The next time we lose power, I'll be eating a wonderful home cooked meal prepared over an open fire, content all the while.

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Candy C. said...

And I'm sure your hubby will be enjoying having some food and staples available next time the power goes out too, even if he does laugh at you now! ;-)