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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Make Compost

Making compost is simple, but takes a little patience. We don't do anything fancy here, just pile the plant matter in the yard. Currently we are using compost bins that someone threw out! (they are expensive). In another part of the yard are a couple of open piles made of out straw.

1. Alternate layers of brown (such as leaves) and green plant material to the piles.

2. You'll want to water the pile occasionally so it will warm up and 'cook'....thus speeding up the decomposition process.

3. Turn occassionally to mix and by next season you'll have beautiful rich compost to add to your veggie garden!

Do not add meat to your compost pile

Do Add:
egg shells, potato skins, fruits, veggies, any plant matter as long as it's not diseased.

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