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Sunday, October 3, 2010


The Montauk Daisies are starting to open- Fall is officially here. It is amazing how we had tropical humidity just about 2 days ago, and now you can barely keep the doors and windows open because it is so chilly out. What a difference. I love the outdoors, and I love when I can keep all of the windows open- especially when I first wake up. I Love to hear the crickets early in the morning, to feel the cool breeze, to smell the soil and fresh air, to hear the birds sing just before the sun comes up. I love to sit outdoors having that first cup of coffee- looking up at the stars, how it is SO quiet in the morning. I just LOVE that.

I love taking a cat nap in the evening on my outdoor cot in my sun room. I enjoy sitting in my sun room reading too. When I can't be outside, because of rain, I try to bring the outdoors inside, that is at least when I have to be inside. Though I do not enjoy cold weather, I enjoy the change of seasons. What I miss the most will be enjoying the outdoors when it is freezing out. I feel couped up when the winter is here. Maybe I will learn to make jam this winter.

The house smells good today- I cooked a chicken, and I will strip the meat off, divide it up and freeze it for when I want to make casseroles or something different. I think I will make some bread today as well, because it is one of those days for something homemade.

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