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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Storing Seed

The time is here to start harvesting seed from your gardens. Marigolds are plentiful in the seed they produce, and the butterfly bushes' seed pods are busy forming as well. Take a walk around your gardens and take a good look- you may just be surprised at all the seed that is out there. Why save seed?...because it is free food and flowers for next year! You'd be silly not to go get it. Perennial Hibiscus also put out a lot of seed.

Here is my tip for storing the seed after harvesting:

Using a regular envelope, be sure to write down the plant name, variety and date. Close envelope well and store in a cool dry place inside of a tupperware bread keeper container. I have used these for years with much success. I do not recommend using anything other brand, I tried that too, and the seeds got moldy.

..and that's it! The following February, depending on your last frost dates, just start the seed indoors.

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