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Monday, September 6, 2010

My place of Zen

I LOVE this screen room. It is a pop up screen room by coleman. I love a sun room,and since we rent, it's not like we can add one to the house. I love being outdoors, so when I found this screen room, I jumped on it. I LOVE laying down outdoors in the evening- listening to the birds, staring at the flowers, smelling the flowers, the feel of the cool air on my skin. My husband calls my screen room my 'place of zen', and he's right- it is.

I've taken plenty of naps in it, I find that being outdoors totally relaxes me. I feel as one with the outdoors. Even as a small girl I felt the same way. I made some pillows and a blanket for when I am napping outdoors. I also made organizers for the cot and chairs to hold some of my favorite things.

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Everyone should have a place of zen, a place to recharge their mind, body and spirits.

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