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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Nature Maiden

I am 7 yrs old in this picture.

I was very little when I discovered the wonders of Nature. I planted a Maple Tree Seed- not knowing what it was at the time; and it grew. I never forgot that experience. My love of Nature has only intensified as I got older.

To this day I go outside amongst my gardens with a child-like curiosity and check on everything. I touch everything, smell everything, observe it all and smile. It brings me such joy and love. Yes...the beauty of Nature fills me with joy and love. The sound of the birds singing as I walk around...it is so sweet. When I am in my gardens is it only then- that THAT feeling comes over me- the same feeling I had as a child when I was outside exploring. I am so grateful that out of all the suffering and misery of my childhood, an endearing feeling of love remains. It's the ONLY love and joy I knew as a child.

I wonder if the rejection of my presence, the withholding of love towards me, or the brutal happenings to my being --caused me to mentally 'run away' if you will- and into another world of peace and quiet. As a young girl, I would go into the neighborhood woods alone and explore. I think today, how vulnerable I then was, because a predator could of been anywhere- yet I went unharmed.

For me, the woods were a safe place, a quiet place, a beautiful place. All the smells, the plants, the beauty- I thrived in it. Today, I still thrive in that same enviornment. When I was little I was pretend I was an indian when I was in the woods. I was always interested in indians, and to find out now- there are some in my family tree. How cool is that? To run free in the woods, like an indian was a cool concept to me as a child.

I don't know how or why, but I was strong, even as a child. I knew the bad stuff was not my fault. Yes it hurt my self esteem, but I am ok. I think God gave me the gift of Nature to heal my soul. I was a Nature Maiden, even then.

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