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Sunday, February 21, 2010


What a beautiful, sunny quiet Sunday! Bobby and Joe are at work, Andrew and the doggies are sleeping, and the only thing I hear are the birdies singing. What a pleasure to see them eating at the feeders. I can also hear the chimes gently blowing in the wind. I really enjoy seeing the birds when i look out the window.

I spent the last 4 days making soy candles for my business. I am so pleased with them! I have over 30 varieties and will make a few more and then stop. I need to order more jars. Anyhow, no luck on finding employment yet. I sent my resume to so many places. Many pay cheap, too cheap to even bother. I am working hard on finding ways to advertise my business. How wonderful it would be to never have to work for anyone else.

I have to clean this house. What a mess I've made while making candles. Supplies are everywhere! The house needs a good vacuuming as well. Dust everywhere. A Spring cleaning is a coming!

I was suppose to be featured in Mary Janes March magazine for the fireplace cooking, but I think I was told they are not doing it now? Unless I misunderstood, I think I was told something else was going in the mag. Oh well, if that's the case, I am disappointed. I told everyone, and they were excited, as was I. Now I feel dumb. I wish they had a better idea of what they were doing before they get peoples hopes up. I'm not mad, just let down I suppose.

I am going to be featured in the email cluck for my products...i think. I am not sure anymore what is going on.

I wish I could find a way to get the Nature Maiden name out there. I've done everything I can think of. I sent a media kit to so many newspapers. No one is interested, I suppose newspapers just want to focus on scandal and murders instead of wholesome news. Oh well. The world will never change. I hate watching the news because I am so sick of listening to negativity, especially when they repeat it over and over again. I suppose it takes money to get the name out. Money I dont have, especially since I dont have a job, it's a catch 22.

well, I am going to take a shower and relax. I also have to pack away these candles I made and straighten up some.

Have a wonderful day!

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