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This blog is filled with the things I love. Family, Nature, gardening, my pets, cooking in the fireplace, all things vintage, and the simple pleasures in life. Being a farmgirl at heart, I consider myself a 'Modern Day Laura'

Monday, January 11, 2010


Though my life is so full of activities already, there are several things I still want to learn to do. Like learn to knit, can preserves and make a few items of clothes. I want to be more self sufficient. I want to learn how to cut back on bills, stock pile food, use solar energy, and live on less. I'll be back with more thoughts, i have to get Andrew up for school..and make homemade pancakes........

...ok, so I am back. Andrew insists that he is not feeling well. He did cough a lot last night, and complained of a stomach ache. I know something is going around. He usually doesnt insist like that. Well, no pancakes just yet..maybe in a little while.

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