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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dutch Oven Diva

In my adventures in cooking in my fireplace, someone suggested to me that I was a 'dutch oven diva', lol. All I can tell you is that I am loving it. I made a pork roast in my cast iron dutch oven yesterday, and it was incredible. I have cooked in my crock pot for years, and of course in the oven. There is no comparison to cooking in the dutch oven, in the fireplace. The meat is more tender, has better flavor, and saves a lot on the electric bill. Of course i have to have my husband lift the darn thing because it is so heavy when filled with food.

What a wonderful feeling to do something so primitive. When i tell people i cook in my fireplace, sometimes i get weird looks, and some people really think it is cool. I dont mind being different, it would be no fun being like everyone else. The one place I really feel at home is at Mary Janes Farmgirl Connection. Here there are so many women like me who have similar interests, who enjoying creating with their hands, living a rustic and simple life- as best as they can anyway.

I have met so many girls who have impressed me with their gifts, whether it was with sewing, cooking or any of the various skills they have. It is so wonderful! I always thought i was alone. I always felt i was born in the wrong time. I've always longed for a simpler way of life. I don't care who thinks I'm silly. (as far as the non-mary jane girls are concerned, lol) As this crazy fast paced world is concerned, with all it's drama and noise- I will continue to have my quiet place, where the simple joys of life will have a safe place to reign.

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