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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pinkeeps I made today

I made these 2 pinkeeps today, the square one is for my aunt, and the pumpkin one is for me. My husband works at the recycling center in town and is always bringing home things he things I'd like (like that vintage singer sewing machine!)

Anyhow, he brought home the ceramic pumpkin basket the other day, so I made a pinkeep out of fall fabric and stuck it in there. I thought it would be perfect! There are a couple of chips on it, but i don't mind.


swanfarm said...

Hello Connie...LOVE the pinkeeps! Very cute! I have been gone from the blog world for a while (we moved) but am back now and am enjoying catching up on what everyone has been doing...Looks like you have been busy!!

Welcome! said...


RoseMary said...

Love the pinkeeps, keep up the great work.