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This blog is filled with the things I love. Family, Nature, gardening, my pets, cooking in the fireplace, all things vintage, and the simple pleasures in life. Being a farmgirl at heart, I consider myself a 'Modern Day Laura'

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fireplace Stew

I made the most wonderful beef stew in the fireplace yesterday. I added some herb dumplings too. It was so good. Guess what we are having for dinner tonight?


Sheryl-lyn said...

Hi Connie: I saw your post on the quilting thread at MJF and noticed we live close by. I am a quilter too. Always spend my time and money at Pieceful Quilting in Riverhead. Do you go there too?

Sheryl(sewgirlie on MJF)

Welcome! said...

Hi Sheryl-lyn,

I am 15 minutes from Riverhead, but never knew of that quilting place. Do you live in Riverhead?