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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Getting done & moving ahead

Well, it's a windy rainy day today. I have so much to do. The fair is this Sunday, and I have some products to get ready for it. I was sick yesterday, feeling better today though. Can't believe I've been unemployed since Aug 25. I've applied to 25 places, and have resumes in 14 other places. No bites. Makes for a lot of anxiety and sadness. I hope I do well Sunday, because I still pay part of the rent and bills. I wish my product line will take off very soon. All I can do is keep looking I suppose.

The hubby is at work, Andrew in school and Joey at the gym, and then he goes to work. It's nice and quiet. The doggies are sleeping. I think I'll start on my body sprays, room sprays and powders. I then have lotion bars to make. I won't do it all today. No need to push myself. I would at some point like to take advantage of all this peace and quiet.

I can't believe we are in October. Time flies so fast. We've only been in this house since March, and it seems like we didnt even have a summer. We had so much rain in June, some crops just never took off. Very depressing. No string beans, no eggplants or peppers and only 1 zuchinni. Some just fell ill to fungus. I don't use chemicals. I hope next year is a better growing season. We also have to plan for the deer that have munched on most of my gardens.

I am not looking forward to cold weather. I'm a summer baby, and enjoy bare feet on the grass and the warm sun on my face, admiring my flowers, smelling the plants, and the birds singing. How depressing it will be. I suppose I will have to do some sewing this winter. I have enough fabric now to get going on more projects, or crochet. We'll see.

I can hear my chimes, blowing around- it's very windy today. I have chimes all around the house. I love the sound. It's really gusting out there. Leaves are blowing off the Maple trees and floating down to the ground.

I think I'll make some green tea, I need to drink less coffee. I'm going for my annual endoscopy this Friday. I have reflux, and I NEED to stop drinking coffee, but it is SO hard. Last year on a scale of 1-4, I was at a 2- which is not good; as far as damage to my insides. Coffee is my only real weakness. I don't eat spicy food (extremely rare ocassion), and don't eat sauce a lot, and don't drink citrus juices.

It's a good day for tea, and maybe a pear. I need to eat more fruit.

Goodness, I hope I get a job.

I wish everyone a wonderful day!

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