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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Blessed by the connection

In June 2005, I bought Mary Jane Butters 'Lifebook'. I skimmed through it from time to time, finding that I was very interested in it's content. From sewing, to cooking to gardening etc. Once day while reading, I came across info on her Farmgirl Connection. Soon enough I found Mary Janes online forum for girls like me to connect. Was I a farmgirl? I pondered that question in my mind. Mary Jane says it's "not where you live, but how you live". Being a farmgirl at heart...now that I certainly was.

I was born in Saratoga, NY. I was very young, a toddler when we left, but I remember return trips to my great grandma Julia's & Skips home in Saratoga. I remember the land which to me as a little girl, seemed never ending, the log pile, her plants, the smell of her home when you first walked through her porch. Her succatash, which I didnt like. Grandma Julia always had a plate of bread with butter with meals. Now I know where I get it from. Grandma always had coconut macaroons? not sure, but she always had this candy. The big deer head on the wall, her rocking chair, her room full of colored glass collectibles. Our trips to Woolworth in her station wagon. How she washed her hair with rainwater.

I don't have many fond memories of childhood, unfortunately most of it was a nightmare, but I do remember my grandma Julia & Skip. Their home, their land. I loved being outside,exploring- I had no fear of it, it felt so natural, like I was part of the trees, the grass, the wind, the birds.

When I got a little older, maybe 5 or 6, we lived in the city. Outside of out apt building there was an area with trees and such. One day, I picked up a maple seed pod. (not knowing at the time what it was of course)- those things you open and stick on your nose. (at least when you were a kid, lol) I remember like it was yesterday, I opened it, took the seed out, planted it and watered it. Maybe 2 weeks later, don't remember, i went back to check on it, and it grew! I will never forget that. God gave me a gift early on.

I love gardening. I grow plants from seed all the tie. I love propagating, giving plants away, fixing everyone else plants. I love nature, the birds, the smell of a fresh cut grass, the coolness of the sweet morning air on my face. Just me and nature, together early in the morning.

I've had ducks, loved eating their eggs. One was killed by a raccoon, and then we had to re-home them, and one of them was then soon killed by a raccoon. We had 3 others that we adopted, and one died of natural causes before we moved. I'm very sad about it. I love animals. I also make butter, pot pies from scratch. I like to sew things. I drive an old pickup truck. If I could, I'd have a mini farm with more animals, grow as much food as I could, have a root cellar, sell flowers, along with my soap and other things I make. I would also use solar energy if I could.

I have a sister, but we are so different. Not in a bad way of course. I find that when I tell certain people, like at work about making butter, or sewing, or about using my products because the ingredients are better for you- sometimes I get a funny look. They just didnt get it.

Then I discovered the connection. I am so happy to have found Mary Jane. I am so inspired by her. I would be SOOO honored and happy to meet her. I read her book, watch the video about how she came to be, talk to other girls on the forum, and I feel, finally, somewhere I belong, other girls like me. They get it. What a gift.

Every day I look forward to talking to my other farm sisters. I keep telling my husband that one day I'd like to meet Mary Jane, and other girls. I discovered this morning that there is a farm girl chapter in Selden! So we'll see. I am officially farm girl # 673! I dont have a mother, or grandma, or dad, or brothers. I do have a wonderful aunt, and a sister. My aunt is such a gift to me.

Some girls make aprons, others jelly, I barter for fabric, and that is so cool. I've learned to embroider, and soon will try knitting. I feel so fulfilled, as this connection has filled a void. I've been mom since 19 years old, I have a husband who's so wonderful, 2 great sons, a couple of awesome beagles, and a sweet turtle. Now finally, I'm doing something for myself. Just for me. I am so blessed by Mary Janes Farmgirl connection. At 40 years old, I have finally embraced who I am and feel comfortable with it.

Have a wonderful day!

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