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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

New Facebook Group for Vintage Sewing Machine Lovers

We now have a new Facebook Group for Vintage Sewing Machine Lovers to accompany our vintage sewing machine parts website.

Do you collect vintage sewing machines?

Would you like to meet other vintage sewing machine lovers?

Would you like to sell your sewing machines or sewing machine related items?

Join us today.

Do you need parts for your vintage sewing machine?

Are you looking to buy a ready to use vintage sewing machine?

Check out my website

Connie McCaffery

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

New Facebook page for Thrifty Farmgirl Sewing Machine Parts

Good morning! We now have a New Facebook page to accompany our Thrifty Farmgirl Sewing Machine Parts Website

Friday, March 3, 2017

How To Use A Vintage Sewing Machine

Whether you've never used a sewing machine or just need a refresher, this book will assist you in mastering the vintage sewing machine in no time.

This guide includes both easy to understand instructions and photo references. You'll learn about the functions, how they differ on various models, and how to use them. Also, learn how to troubleshoot, care for your sewing machine, and more.

*Excellent for both kids and adults

*Concise instruction

*Quickly gain confidence to master your machine

*Makes a great gift!

Note: While the information in this book may generally apply to all sewing machines, it does not cover the specific use and/or operation of computerized sewing machines.

Kindle Version $9.99

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

How To Make Money With Vintage Sewing Machines

About this book: This guide will tell you about sewing machine salvage- where to find machines, selling sewing machines, selling parts, creating listings, where to sell, popular models, shipping and more.

Paperback $15.99

Kindle $9.99

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Coil Bound Version of Popular Sewing Machine Repair Book


We just made a great book even greater! If you loved the first edition then you'll absolutely love this deluxe second edition. This second COIL BOUND edition, is the new and improved version of the first, along with minor revisions, additional repair topics and an index which was not previously included. This spiral bound edition can fold all the way back upon itself and remain flat, providing for an easy reference while working on your vintage sewing machine. Bonus: Each spiral bound second edition will be hand signed by the author!

Have questions? The author is happy to provide after purchase support in the event you have additional questions regarding your vintage sewing machine. Also stayed tuned to the Thrifty Farmgirl Channel for helpful vintage sewing machine videos.

Note: This spiral bound second full color edition is available exclusively through the author, and is not available on Amazon or other Book stores.

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